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What if you were only surrounded by items that you truly loved or found extremely useful? All the way from your closet down to your stapler and favorite spoon: Each one was lovely to you or perfectly useful.

When we tidy our homes thoroughly our whole life benefits. The noise is reduced. Our focus is more clear. Our hearts are more grateful.

Trained in the KonMari Method, Sorted Home Organizing can help you address your belongings using a proven method that has changed lives. What you will have left are things you love- and then keeping them tidy is simple. With a home that truly sparks joy for you, your time and energy will be spent on the things you love. The process is simple, mindful and filled with gratitude.  You will begin to feel lighter, happier and more productive.

I’ve been where you are. The KonMari Method changed my life, my goals, and indeed my entire outlook. I’m also a busy mother, partner, dog mom, friend and neighbor. I come to this process with a deep compassion for helping people find their best selves, their true happiness and love for their home.

Let’s see what Magic we can work in your life and home.

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