shutterstock_432166855Sorted Home Organizing can help you discard, create systems and an ongoing method for handling all the “stuff” that family life brings. Would you like to be able to get to a place that you can tidy your whole house in about an hour? We’d like to help get you there!


Let’s Get Started.

Sorted Home Organizing is a small business born from a real need to get my life together. Household moves, having children, loved ones passing away- all created stress and no time to attend to the day-to-day “stuff” that seemed to accumulate. I have a background in counseling, program management and youth development- a unique combination to help people get organized and stay organized! It all begins with the categories: clothes, then books, then papers, then other items as we choose. As we move through your home you will feel lighter, more productive and things that previously had no home finally find a place as together we work to identify what truly makes you happy- the things you should keep- and what is just taking up precious life space. Don’t worry if you think your space is too challenging. Let’s get started.