The Magic


What is the “Magic” of Tidying up?

I recently attended the KonMari Consultant Training in San Francisco and heard from a room full of consultants-to-be on their own Tidying journeys as well as those they have been helping already as clients. And it is AMAZING. You’d think we were in some kind of spirituality or overcoming addiction retreat with all the life-changing magic that was being spoken! But this is powerful stuff- especially when you enter this journey with a positive energy and an openness for what is in store for you. Here are just a few snippets:

“L” was working with a client on clothing.  While working on joy-checking each item, client Jay talked about feeling very lonely and that friends and family seem to have forgotten about them. After removing many bags of clothing that did not spark joy, Jay felt an urge to start tidying up in the garage. While removing old items, the grill was uncovered. Jay started the grill and within about 45 minutes, several neighbors saw Jay outside and stopped by to say hello, share burgers and talk. Tidying up clothing one day had turned into an impromptu party the next! The gatherings have continued on a somewhat regular basis as Jay has continued tidying through the other categories and now feels very happy to invite neighbors into the house also. 

A writer, suffering from writers block and hadn’t written so much as a paragraph in weeks began tidying clothes. That went very quickly and she was able to move on to books. After one session tidying books, her writers block lifted and she began her writing and research once again. By the 4th session, she was working on a book proposal. 

Mary, a single mother with a large home, had been working on her tidying process for several months. As she returned items to her ex-husband, discarded things that didn’t spark joy and continued through the categories, her home space was opened more and more. One day, while working through miscellaneous items and discarding many things to the curb, someone in the neighborhood stopped by to talk to her about her home. This person knew much history of the house and was invited in to tell stories and share. They are now friends!

After struggling with communication for months with her husband, Sylvia started tidying her clothing. After she completed her books and began working on papers, things started changing. It took nearly 3 weeks to finally complete the task of tidying many years worth of papers and eventually eliminated two filing cabinets full. She and her husband’s relationship improved dramatically and they are both happier than ever. 

During our training seminar, we were reminded that KonMari Method can’t solve ALL your problems! However, we witnessed that it improved people’s lives in ways they didn’t expect. Some themes that emerged were things like ending relationships that were unhealthy; improved relationships with loved ones; new jobs; promotions; opportunities to buy property; weight loss; sense of peace around previously difficult issues and overall sense of clarity about one’s life and goals.

Let the Magic come into your life. Aloha


Consultant seminar class San Francisco. Marie Kondo’s army to #organizetheworld (photo credit KonMari Media, Inc.)






Begin with Clothing

Part of the success in utilizing the KonMari Method is to follow the rules. 🙂 Even when you have many other things you could start with- begin with clothing. You will be amazed at how much progress you make, the space that is created and the momentum you gain. I helped a client do this room, starting with clothing, in addition to two other dressers in the home that also contained clothing. We worked hard for 4 hours and discarded 7 bags of clothing that did not spark joy! At the end of the session, the client had removed so many pieces of clothing that all that was kept could be stored in the laundry room. This made the client very happy. Let me help you get started.


We started with the large pile, including two other dressers not pictured. Hauled every single item out of the room and went through piece by piece. The result is that this client now loves the space, has only the clothing they need and other precious joy-sparking mementos are visible.