Begin with Clothing

Part of the success in utilizing the KonMari Method is to follow the rules. 🙂 Even when you have many other things you could start with- begin with clothing. You will be amazed at how much progress you make, the space that is created and the momentum you gain. I helped a client do this room, starting with clothing, in addition to two other dressers in the home that also contained clothing. We worked hard for 4 hours and discarded 7 bags of clothing that did not spark joy! At the end of the session, the client had removed so many pieces of clothing that all that was kept could be stored in the laundry room. This made the client very happy. Let me help you get started.


We started with the large pile, including two other dressers not pictured. Hauled every single item out of the room and went through piece by piece. The result is that this client now loves the space, has only the clothing they need and other precious joy-sparking mementos are visible.


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