I’m so grateful for these amazing clients who are so thoughtful and willing to share their journey 🙂

“Another amazing day with Carmen of Sorted Oahu…WOW WOW WOW– so many bins emptied, so much space cleared, so many things moving around and getting more fun to look at, work with, and play with! Feeling inspired, excited and FREE! 🙂. Also delighted to giveaway and sell things, and buy new stuff that is EXACTLY what I want. So grateful for this experience Carmen. Thank you for keeping me moving and truly being with me through this transition.”img_7415

V. -business owner, mother, activist

“Life changing process! Forever grateful for my KonMari Therapist:) Extraordinaire Carmen! Hawaii peeps if you are looking to shift energy in your life check out Sorted Oahu.” img_7647

J.- busy working mother of two